How long do I need to quarantine before adding a new bird?


9 Years
Jul 17, 2012
Southern Minnesota
I ended up getting a young white broad breasted turkey yesterday. She's a commercial turkey who has been de-beaked and her toe nails have been removed. She was sitting in the corner of a big turkey farm. I asked if I could have her and they said yes. I gave her a nice long bath and blow dry and she spent the night in the garage. She's a very sweet girl.

I did research on keeping chickens and turkeys together, and all I could find was information on chickens giving turkeys blackhead. I'm not worried about blackhead because it's not a problem in our area, but I am worried about the possibility of the turkey passing disease onto my beautiful chickens.

Here's my plan. I have her separated in a 6 ft by 6 ft pen on the other side of the barn. Stuff might be able to pass airborne, but I don't think it will be a problem. I thought I'd put one of my old buff orpingtons with her for a week. If everything works out, then I'll ad another hen and wait for another week. If they are both still healthy, I will let the turkey free range with everyone else and finally put her with them in the coop.

Does this sound like an ok plan? or do I need to quarantine her and a chicken for a longer time to ensure safety. I just don't want her to have to stay in such a small area.

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