How long do I need to seperate a hen who was bit?


8 Years
Mar 11, 2011
Western WA
I think what happened is one too many birds tried to cram into a nesting box (no more nesting box slumber parties after this!) and stepped on someone. Someone bit her comb, not too badly, but enough for it to bleed. I'm keeping her in the bathroom tonight. Do I need to keep her apart from the rest until her comb heals completely? How long does that take? Thanks so much for your help.
I dont (usually) seperate for things like that.... seperating them can cause more problems,... cause they may reject the hen when you try to bring her back in the flock....
I treat with blue-kote... and call it a day....
If i see they are really picking on her because of a wound then i WOULD bring her in till ALL healed. ( but again.... they will most likely attack her when you put her back in the coop..) Thats why its sometimes best to leave them with their flock. IMO
Thanks. I hadn't heard of blue kote, I'll pick some up in the morning. Fortunately I don't have to work tomorrow so I can keep tabs on the gang and make some coop modifications!
I brought her into the run first this morning and there were no problems. She suddenly remembered her injury though and marched up and pecked the likely culprit! Glad to see she probably won't be picked on. Thanks for your help, Red!

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