How long do I wait?


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I've just about completed my first hatch. I started with 12 viable eggs and out of the 12, I have 7 that hatched from day 20 to day 22. It is now day 25 and I still have 4 that have not hatched. I had one that died trying to hatch. My question is, how long do I wait until its obvious they are not going to make it? All of the 7 that made it are now out of the bator and are in the brooder and are happy. We were able to get them all out within about 15 to 20 seconds, so there was not a big temp drop. It been a pretty constant 99.1 with 60% humidity. The eggs were mail order EE's from Halo in Florida. I guess right now I've had about a 60% hatch rate. Your feedback is appreciated.
I will wait until two days after the date they are hatching after that I will open the eggs up and see what happened.
I guess when I get home from work today, I'll autopsy them. They've got 10 hours to do there thing. Thanks.
What about trying the water test there is a good post on here somewhere about it i typed in water test in the search bar fingers crossed for them
Float test them if there is no movement then check. My last hatch 2 didnt make it. I candled at day 25 couldnt see any movement then did the float test they didnt move so opened them. One was fully formed no yolk just didnt pip not excessively wet the other quit probably right after lockdown. Sad to say but some just do that.
Thanks for the comments. I just did a water test and all 4 floated well. I really didn't get anything I would call movement so it looks like these 4 are homers. I'll wait a couple more hours for one last bit of hope. If nothing pops by then, ,, well, I guess i'll pull the plug. Thanks again all.

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