How long do Orphingtons lay?

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    I have been asked this a lot and I need a answer.
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    Most hens lay the most reliably during their first two years. But they can continue to lay for years. My sister has a polish Crested that was still laying most reliably at the age of 10. So it is really up to the hen. I also depends on what you want and expect from the hen. So hens will age out of laying very earlier and never lay another egg. Each owner has to make the decision about when to cull a non layer. Make sure that you are not making the mistake of not knowing that all hens need at least 14 hours of light in order to lay. Many backyard flocks can not lay dur ing the winter months.
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    The difference in laying longevity is not only a breed issue, but I agree with the above, it is also a matter of the individual. Different strains within each breed also differ greatly. Your Orp should lay consistent to her breeding for at least 3 laying seasons or 4 years of life. What she lays her pullet year will give you an indicator of her future production. As hens age, their eggs often increase in quality, but decrease in numbers produced.
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    Is it true that if you do not supply extra light in the winter, that they will lay longer? This is what I've heard from some breeders.

    Light or no light, my layers will not stop laying [​IMG] Guess I can't complain.

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