How long do you

Never take away water and some people don't take away food but some take it away the night before they butcher.

Let them rest in the fridge or ice chests filled with ice water for 3 or 4 days or until the legs move about freely, the muscles will then be relaxed.
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Our birds usually run out of food in the evening so we don't take anything away, we just don't bother to fill it up again the morning of processing. We let ours rest at least 48hrs before eating.
Always let them have water. ALWAYS.

We pull feed Friday afternoon around 3pm, and process Saturday morning beginning around 9am. This gives us 18 hours of fasting. They do eat grass, at least all of our birds do, and we raise CX.

We've eaten birds as soon as 24 hours after processing and have had good results. We now age 2 days or so before we freeze. Essentially they hit the freezer Monday evening.

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