How long does it take a broody hen to recover?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chicken8, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. chicken8

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    Aug 31, 2013
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    I have a hen that went broody and hatched a bunch of eggs. She's a BO and the eggs were misc. bantams that were donated. I sold four chicks at 2 weeks old, then gave another four to a friend at 7 weeks. Now, there is one chick left, at 9 weeks old, and it is still sleeping in the BO's fluff up in the roost at night and still follows her around all day. The BO isn't quite as interested in mothering the chick as she had been, but she's still pretty much at it, doing that weird upright walk and clicking the chick towards food.

    My question is, how long after kicking the chick out will it be until the broody returns to normal? She's started to molt so she still isn't laying eggs again. Her comb is still pale and she still has that worn out look and the broody "crazy eyes". Should I expect her to be this way for much longer?
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    They get back to normal in their own time, it is really different for every bird. I have a Silkie that goes back into broody mode within 2-3 weeks of hatching a batch. I have just made her her own pen where she can just continually raise chicks safely. :/
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    Mine generally take about a month after they leave the chicks on their own, how long they stay with the chicks varies, but mine are usually 6-8 weeks, you seem to have a dedicated one there. They will take longer to lay eggs if they go into molt.
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    One day her broody switch will turn off and she will stop being broody. There is no saying when. I had a broody hatch a lone chick and we had the chick for 3 weeks and then I came home and the chick was gone and she was sitting on the roost and she laid an egg a day or so later. I had another broody who stayed with her chicks about 6 weeks and she even laid two eggs and hung out with the chicks and then she started chasing them as if she didn't recognize them and that was that.

    Hang in there she will turn back into an egg laying girl before you know it in good time.

  5. donnavee

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    I had a BO broody this year that hatched 2 chicks; at 6wks her Mama switch turned off and she didn't want the chicks around her. She started laying eggs within a few days. Now I have a Copper Marans broody with 3 chicks & she is still in full Mama mode at 8wks. She does let them wander a little further now but is still very defensive and insists on showing them food. One is a little roo and I've noticed he is becoming very independent. I almost think they may leave her before she leaves them.

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