How long does it take ducks to adjust to a new home??

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by mommyofthree, Oct 30, 2010.

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    May 18, 2010
    We got new ducks today, they're in a separate temporary pen from our other ducks and chickens now, but if all goes well we will put them together soon. How long do they have to be kept penned up before they can be trusted to free range and stick around?? Where they lived before they didn't have a coop and just slept outside so I had to herd them into my shed tonight to keep them safe from predators. My current ducks put themselves to bed at dusk along with the chickens. Will the newbies get the hang of that too?? I'm afraid if we let them out to free range too soon they will want to wander the yard all night, but maybe when they become buddies with our ducks they will go into the coop at night with them. I hope.......

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    I'm sure someone will give you some good answers on this. I'm a new duck owner, we rescued a young Black East Indies from a divorcing couple and it didn't take the new duck very long to adjust to us. She still doesn't interact with our chickens though. I finally found another Black East Indies at the fair and brought her home last week. I put her with the other duck right away, but she spent the entire day cowering in a corner. Everyone told me to just ignore her and she would eventually come around. She is better, but doesn't run to us like the first duck. By the way, we let the first duck out to free range about a week after we had her - she can and does fly - just short flights.
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    We got a pair of Rouens from auction. They were definately not tame and had not free ranged before. I kept them cooped for about 3 weeks, maybe more. Basically until they stopped freaking out when I would go in to change the water and feed them. I let them out the first time late in the afternoon and during the rain as a big puddle developes by their coop. My thought was that it was late so they wouldn't have time to wander too far and the puddle would keep them close. Well it worked and I have never had a problem since. They range with the chickens and go to bed with them at night on their own. The introductions to new ducks can take anywhere from instant like to weeks of getting to know each other. Mine took about a month to accept my Runner. It just depends. Having a water source close to the coop that is easy to get into will keep them around. Good luck to you!
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