How long does it take for a sinus infection to go away?

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    Silkie rooster on day 6 today on Duramyacin. The green goop is almost gone, but his poor eyes are still so swollen. He doesn't stink anymore either. I guess that is a good thing, but it seems like it is taking forever to go away!!!!
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    How do you know it's a sinus infection, Debi, and not Coryza, since you mentioned the smell?

    I've never had a bird with a sinus infection, or any respiratory illness at all, so can't help you with the time frame, sorry. If it's a virus, antibiotics won't help.
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    Aug 25, 2008
    Where did he come from? Is he a new bird? Have you been to any sales, auctions, shows, homes of other chickens? Because it really sounds like Coryza to me, which means he's a carrier from now on and you will need to either close the flock or cull. Bummer. [​IMG]

    Whatever it is, keep him far away from the others and disinfect yourself when you have been around him.
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    Quote:The smell smelled like an infection, like when you yourself have one and you can kinda smell the inside of your nose. It was not the dead flesh smell associated with Coryza. Also none of the other birds in the pen show ANY signs of anything at all.

    I also think the antibiotics are helping because the goop is almost gone and his nose isn't whistling anymore.

    Off to google coryza. I don;t know much about it.
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    Quote:No he isn't new and I haven't been to any shows since December and at that time we only handled what we purchased and followed normal isolation for them. The good news is this pen only has three silkies at 2 oeg's in it. Small bird pen that my cochin refused to accept. [​IMG]

    ETA: He has been isolated in the house since we found him crusty.
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    Ok quick read tells me it may not be coryza because he never had any nasal discharge, just a whistling sound which is now gone.

    Coryza - could it be JUST the eyes? The symptoms for coryza are pretty broad. Hell in handbasket.
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