how long does it take to lay first egg

Mrs. Hones hens

10 Years
Feb 22, 2009
my red sex link is 5 months old. She has been in the nest box all afternoon. At first she was laying down, now she is standing. It is dark and everyone else is on ther roost. She has never layed an egg. How long should I let her do this? Does it take a long time to get that first egg out?

I wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes pullets that have just come into laying age fiddle around in the nest for a long time and then still don't lay an egg! I think it is like they know it is coming soon but not sure when, something like that. I would just let her do her thing and eventually, she will lay that first egg! Just my two cents! Genie
A lot of times they will investigate potential spots to lay for a day or more before they actually do the deed. Make sure you check the litter, as they usually lay on the floor at least for the first egg or so. My red sex links started laying at 16 weeks on the nose and are laying regularly now. Does she lay tight to the floor, unwilling to move even of you put your hand on her? If so, she's ready.
Of course there is always the possibility that she is having some trouble, but I wouldn't worry too much yet.
She will most likly lay within the next few days, she is most likely just checking out where she is going to be for a little bit every few days for now on!

Best Of Luck


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