How long does it take to retrain hens to go back inside coop at night?


9 Years
May 25, 2012
Fort Valley, GA
I've got 2 hens that decided a couple weeks ago they wanted to live outside the coop at night. One is just a few months old and the other I've had several years. I caught the young one easily and put her back in. Took me WEEK to catch the older one and get her back in. They've been in there for a week now. I keep them in even when I let the others out. Can I try letting them out again or would you wait 2 weeks?


11 Years
Nov 5, 2010
Spokane, WA
I have a very stubborn gal that puts herself to bed on the outdoor perch a couple of hours before the rest of the flock heads inside. She refuses to go in! I went out at 7:45 last night to move her into the coop, the auto-door closes at 8. She marched right back outside as soon as I was gone and went back to the outdoor perch! I went back out a little after 8 and put her back inside the coop after the door was shut for the night. This has been our nightly routine for several weeks started after the top chicken in the pecking order tore into her and ripped half her tail and back feathers out. She's lowest in the pecking order and a little "different" due to a scissor beak. But I noticed the last couple of days that in general she is being accepted back into the flock (never left, but she tends to hang out on her own most of the time by choice),

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