how long does it take you to....

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  1. annie3001

    annie3001 My Girls

    Jun 11, 2009
    feed and manage all your pets/farm animals etc.?
    just curious, it takes me to complete everything about 45minutes,, timed it today.
    heres what i have to do:
    on my days off from work:
    get out of bed. bathroom. let the dog sammie outside,
    say hello to our house rabbit oreo.
    proceed outside to the chicken coop(we have 5 hens)
    let them out into their run, or to free range, (depending on the weather)
    grab the chickens water bowl for their run,, (need to add fresh water and remove night ice)
    then i have my egg collection crate in hand to go and collect some eggs (theres usually about 3 or 4)
    then i scoop out the poop (big ones) ( and dump into a garbage can) i do this everyday
    then i go and get the fresh water for them. go back in the house
    i clean my house rabbit oreo's litter box (hes trained and 6yrs old) good lil guy.
    i then prepare my coffee (wash hands of course he )
    as thats making the house smell (yummy)
    i prepare the daily foods for the animals.
    sammie the dog..(dry food) and wet food
    the house rabbit (always the same ,carrots,celerly,apple and maybe a strawberry)
    by this time, my 2 human toddlers have awoken, they know mommys doing choirs for the animals and take a seat next to the
    tv.. i have already snuck some moments in there, to kiss them, hug them and prepare some cearl and drink.
    They are happily watching playhouse disney!!
    so i go outside to go check on the chickens, (i can see them from the kitchen window) but i go out to mingle and depending what lies ahead for my day,, they may have to go back in their run.
    i give them some left over food, topped off with their crumble food.
    by this time, the coffee is done (dunkin donuts of course) ( i do live in new england HA)
    i sit with my 2 kids...
    drinking my coffee and then maybe venturing off to the computer for yeah some byc time. and to check email etc.
    just wanted to know what you all do!!!!! as far as the animals are concerned!! it takes some time out of my day(but soooo worth it)
    everyone always ask me "how do you do it all" its simple and i have a routine!
    i follow the same routine even when i come home from work at 11am.
    hope everyone here has a great day!

  2. rarebreedeggs4u

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    Sep 27, 2009
    Morrow, AR
    Usually 1-2 hours a day. On clean up days it's a lot longer. On days of bitter cold like lately, way too long [​IMG]
  3. Flippacase

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    Nov 6, 2009
    Well.... I have 2 pullets, and two parakeets, so I'd say say 3 to 4 hours a day. [​IMG] JUST KIDDEN!!!!

    Probably around 10-20 min per day.
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  4. teach1rusl

    teach1rusl Love My Chickens

    Dang...I knew I was leaving something off my list..."wash hands of course"... LOL!!!
    My lazy teenager actually takes care of the dogs and cats, so my actual care is mainly for my five chickens. Total time for care is probably fifteen minutes max, but of course I spend a lot more time than that out there, because I need my daily dose of chicken therapy. Seeing your daily pet care written out like that exhausted me... [​IMG]
  5. detali

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    May 9, 2009
    Yikes!!!!! Two hours a day!!!
    I walk out to the coop. open the door, fill the feed dish and walk away. 5 minutes. The waterer is connected to my garden drip system and gets filled automaticly.
  6. Tala

    Tala Flock Mistress

    about 15-20 minutes total

    Boil or warm the tap water for thawing the outside buckets,
    Go let the chickens out,
    Close the live trap,
    feed a can of BOSS/scratch mix and any leftovers that I have for them,
    Shake the feeders,
    Check for early eggs,

    Go to work

    Come home,
    Do head count,
    fill the coop waterers & feeders if needed,
    check for late eggs,
    Lock coops,
    Set the live trap,
  7. twentynine

    twentynine Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jun 14, 2009
    1 hour if I want some enjoyment out of it. You guys know what I mean, throw a hand full of stuff to the chickens watch'em go crazy. Get the feed out, stand outside the run watching them move around. Put the feed in the feeder, check the inside of the coop. Open the nest boxes, count the eggs, count how many big ones. Try to figure which egg came from which hen. Look to make sure the auto water is working, lift it up, pour out the rank dirty water, let it refill itself.

    Then on to the horse. Get his brush, give him a good going over front to back, back to front. Top to bottom, bottom to top. Rub his ears, lift his tail, get him used to my voice. Lead him around the enclosure. Back to the shed get his feed out weigh it out. Walk over to the barn, make sure you show him the bucket, call his name. Dump the feed in his trough, refill his indoor water trough. Look the stall over once again. Go back out get his block of hay, bring it back in, offer him a handful. Watch him eat for a minute.

    Go back out to the shed get the eggs, pass by the chickens again. Holler out---- "Hey Chicken" see how many cackles and crows you can get. Hardest dang thing ever is to get that rooster to crow on cue, but we are working on it. Go pull'em a handfull of rape and turnip chunk it over the fence, watch'em go nuts again.

    The horse is now finished his feed, he is at the gate wanting some attention.. Walk over give him a scratch under his chin. Then work on his trick. Tap the fence board with one hand, ask him if he wants to go to the glue factory, then because his eyes follow my hand, move my hand back and forth. Gives him the appearance of shaking his head "NO". My wife will be so proud of me when I show her the trick----- NOT! But we have a few more days of working on it before he is ready for his debute.

    Now on the busy days--- I can fill feeders, check and refill all water, collect eggs, tend to the horse------ 10 minutes. But it ain't fun that way.
  8. BorderKelpie

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    Mar 1, 2009
    outside Dallas
    Ok, get home from work (night shift). Let the dogs out. I have to do that in shifts, 6 dogs (was 7 last week - sniffle RIP Brenna)but Rain and Hoppy don't get along. So it's Coulter, William, Rain and Willow (the deaf one) out to the kennel, then Hoppy and Isaac to the little yard. Get the veggies out and start warming them for the parrots, make my dinner (breakfast?) share my dinner with Brooklyn, the most spoiled parrot in the world. Empty dishwasher for the parrot bowls, start loading (bowls, not thedishwasher) with veggies, fruits cheerios and nuts. Unlock the cages and feed. (I have to padlock the cages or they let themselves out to eat my walls and furniture) lol. Gather up the veggies mix for the outside birds (cockatiels, chickens, quail, and sugar gliders - oh, wait, those aren't birds - oh well). Spend 30-45 minutes feeding, watering, giving treats, gathering eggs. Go back inside to prepare the dogs' breakfasts. Let the dogs back in in shifts again. Mop floor - muddy dogs! Fall asleep on couch while trying to watch America's Funniest Videos. Wake back up to go to bed. Get up a few hours later to let the dogs out in shifts again, check for late arriving eggs, gather up all parrot food bowls and put in dishwasher, feed dogs, feed cats, cover birds, get dressed, make lunch (dinner, breakfast? whatever) make coffee, put dogs back up, give them their rawhides, dash to work.


    ETA: there's two teenagers, too. Sometimes I even remember to spend time with them. lol
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  9. Mahonri

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    May 14, 2008
    North Phoenix
    My Coop
    I spend close to 45 minutes every day. Hard to believe
  10. SilverPhoenix

    SilverPhoenix Bantam Fanatic

    Dec 15, 2009
    Penn Valley, CA
    Aside from coop-cleaning days, when you can add an hour, it only takes me about twenty minutes a day to care for my chickens! I go in there, take out all their water containers (there are five of them) and dump them out, wash them, fill them up again, put them back in the run, scoop up some scratch and layer and put it in a bucket, and go in the run and scatter the food in different piles in the run. I sometimes sit and watch them eat, too--I'm very amused by my chickens. [​IMG]

    Oh, but then I go in the garage where my seramas and spangled OEGB cockerel are and change all their food and water, which takes maybe...five minutes. Other than cage-cleaning days, when it takes maybe a half-hour.

    My animals other than my dogs and my horse (who my mom takes care of, he's actually her horse) only take a few minutes each a day aside from just hanging out with them and doing fun things with them. It surprises me how fast the critter chores go... Probably because I enjoy them. [​IMG]

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