How long does it usually take for a new layer to work out the kinks?

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    I have a EE hen who I was told was "about six months" when I purchased her six weeks ago. That would make her close to 8 months now. When I first got her she would lay an egg every three days or so. Not great, but at least I could use the eggs. Now she lays an egg almost every day- but all the shells are breaking! Sometimes she will lay an egg from the roost so it has a bit to fall, but even the ones laid in the nesting boxes are coming up broken now. Also, the shells have always had a bumpy, sand papery feel to them.
    More details: All the chickens are feed Dumor layer crumbles and the do have a side of oyster shells. I probably feed close to a pound a day for 5 hens. They free range all day. I also give them treats at night- either corn or table scraps. The only other layer I have is a RSL hen. Her egg shells are like rocks- awesomeness.
    And I know they aren't breaking them to eat the eggs. None of the chicks show any interest in eating the eggs even on the floor of the coop. And the ones in the nesting boxes don't show any evidence of being eaten or pecked at.
    Could she still be sorting her system out? Is there anything I can do to improve the quality of the shells? (Like I said before they already have oyster shells out).
    This is a minor annoyance now cause I hate throwing out eggs. But, it could become a major problem if any of the ladies decide they like the taste of eggs.
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    This happened with one of my hens but the problem sorted itself out

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