how long does quail need to stay in the incubator?

Yes by then for sure, I usually remove them when they are dry and i dont see other pips so that may only be a few hours after they hatch. You need to dip their beak in the water and I usually put the food on the floor of the brooder in a pile and they usually find it on their own but you can kind of show them with your finger pecking at it too....
oh man, i have one in there that hatched yesterday he was all by his lonesome, now he has 7 more friends. i had 7 and i just went back in there and 1 more has hatched!

okay can i put rocks in the waterer to keep them from drowning?
they normally only drown in thir water for the first day you can put rocks in the water however i dont put anyting in my waterers now because I just make srue that the water is far away from the heat that way they don't lay in it and get stepped on then drown. I've never had one drown yet.

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