How long from pip to hatch?

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  1. I was very surprised this afternoon to get in from a trip to find one of my bantam eggs which are due to hatch Tuesday pipped. Found it about 3 pm and til now nothing has happened since I moved the eggs into a hatching basket. I have not hatched chickens before so I am at a loss as to what to expect. Was under the impression that it would take 21 full days before I saw any results.
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    Apr 14, 2008
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    Usually 24 hrs from pip to hatch. Normally you will see pips on day 20, then hatch on day 21. I have about 20 broodies right now, some are crowding three to a nest, and sometimes the hens lay a few eggs after I gather or I miss one, of course these eggs have 24 hrs incubation on them when I gather. So If I have a few hatch on day 20 I know what has happened:D
  3. Usually it is around 12-24 hours.
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    The chick will take a 30 min to 8 hrs rest after he makes the pip. Then after the rest he will start till the finish.

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