How long have you left your chicken alone for when going on vacation

What is the longest you have would leave chickens by themselves without checking?

  • Five to six days

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  • About one week

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8 Years
Jan 31, 2016
Los Angeles, California
I'm just curious what is the longest anyone has gone out of town/vacation for without having someone check on them.

I have done 2 days but I also have a camera that I can check on them and count how many are in the coop for my peace of mind. Luckily never lost one.
I've done two days. I have an automatic waterer and roll-a-way nest boxes. I just filled up their feeder for several days worth. It was a little stressful for me though...but I came back and they were all fine. My neighbors don't mind checking on them, though, so I wouldn't do it again.
I know with my automatic feeder and waterer I can get by with leaving the chickens for 4 days comfortably. My waterer is good for a week and the feeder will supply them for ~12 days, If I'm going to be gone longer than 3 days, I have someone check on them though.
Ok so came back from a 29 hour vacation only to find out 2 of my girls somehow got out of their enclosed area. They were sleeping close to the coop but it was drizzling and they got all wet! Now I'm rethinking leaving them without someone checking... arg.

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