How long is to long to wait for remaining eggs

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    Nov 19, 2012
    I ordered in eggs off eBay 20 EEand 6 polish. The air sacs were almost all detached. I set them anyway and they were all making great progress anyhow. My temps were a little low for a couple days mid way and I lost 3 polish and 1 EE egg. Day 22-23 no polish and 9EE hatched. It had now been 8 days and I've done the float test 3x on remaining eggs in that time. Tossed 2 for smell offenders. These have thick shells and I can't really see anything at all, the 2 I threw out were all wishy washy, so I did not open those.

    Today's float test no rocking but all at a perfect level of floating and cause I can't stand it I opened 2 expecting the worst. It wasn't though and they still in my mind looked alive, not breathing or anything but good color no smell and light veins red. I opened them completely since damage was done. Both had feet towards lg end, pinkish skin color, umbilical not closed and what was outside them healthy looking veins but their insides/yolk on the outside of there bodies. They were proportioned to there egg size. I took pics but won't post here cause its not for everyone. There are 10 eggs left .....

    How much longer should I wait?? Or should I not?
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    I am so sorry I missed this post! awwwww Have you eggtopsied them yet? please refer to this guide if they are still alive after float test proceed to making artificial pip in air cell to have a look whats going on. and I will link you with my incubating notes, its very important to have several thermometers and calibrated as well.. I do dry incubation methods which is also in the article

    Here is the viability and testing article

    and here you will find incubation notes and how to do dry hatch and also how to check what went wrong with your hatch
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    Nov 19, 2012
    Yes I did open 3 of them and they do look alive with healthy veins its just been so long past the hatch of there siblings but they still haven't hatched. I live out in the desert so normally I'm struggling to give them any humidity. I am getting better hatches each time I try and I'm fighting with shipped eggs. The ones that are in limbo is the outer 40% to a 75% hatch rate. So I guess over all I'm doing all

    I don't know how to load the pictures
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    to load the pictures, hit reply, then, in the top right hand corner-ish, you will see a paperclip, photo reel and a picture. Click on the picture to upload!

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