How long is too long to keep the birds "cooped up"?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by DawnB, Jan 25, 2013.

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    It's been pretty frigid around here with nasty 50+ mph winds. The chickens didn't come out even if they had a chance. My muscovies would wander in and out of the coop and one of my geese would go in on her own. The gander...not so much. On the night it was supposed to get to close to -30F, we snagged him and put them all in.

    Everyone is doing one is getting picked on and they get treats and diversions. The coop is 8'x12'. We have 19 birds all together. So, how long can I keep them closed in. They've been in while it's been so cold and windy. They have 3 bit windows - 2 south-facing, so natural light is not a problem. Neither is humidity. Have plenty of ventilation.

    So, how long is too long? Or does it just depend on the flock? Should I just watch and adjust as we go? Just looking for some advice.


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    Apr 29, 2011
    Northwest Indiana
    Just chickens should be fine in there for days (at least). I'm not sure about the other birds with the chickens. One thing I've noticed with mine is that they settle right down when it's cold and miserable out. You could try one of those "Flock Blocks" by Purina to give the chickens something to peck at.
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    Just watch them to make sure that they don't start pecking out of boredom. If you'd like, you can do things like hang a cabbage from a string or ears of corn as a diversion. I think they'll be fine.
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    Feb 24, 2014
    Can someone PLEEZE!!!!! Answer this question ASAP!!! We are getting our house fumigated 2 maro Nov. 15th and both my roo & hen are free rangers allday long everyday...At night my roo henry sleeps in a medium size coop & the girl heather roosts up in the tree however the fumigators r coming between the hours of 1-5 p.m so the night b4 he is sleeping in his coop i have to remove his coop elsewhere b/c the porch where his coop is,will be fumigated he is always let out in the a.m. but b/c they are feral i can't just pick them up & carry them to their new area and it pains me to have to have them stay cooped up for 2 days!!! Omg!!! I can't stand the thought of having the cooped up for a min let alone 2 whole days & they are NOT EASY to catch!!!! Will they be ok being cooped up that long??? & also i am getting mixed information on the after removing the tent coz they spend most of their time underneath the crawl space under our house... The gas they will be using is called "Vikane" So this person is saying as long as my roo & hen is NOT undeneath & near the tent the crawl space when the gases are released & away from the tent I should be fine & they are able to go back under crawl space as soon as the tent has been taken off....& other pest control is saying that i need to wait at least another day b4 going back under the crawl space underneath the house.... These are my babies & i am deathly afraid for their safety....

    I am just not use to cooping them up this long!!! Will they die if being kept in a coop for 2 days???? I am still a new owner & never had to deal with an issue of this magnitude!!! Any any info will be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank u very much & hope someone responds quickly!!
    Lila Ann
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    We had 20+ mph winds for 2 days and my chickens came out once maybe. They had the option but just decided to stay in. They'll be fine. Like Walking ON Sunshine said" hang a cabbage" to keep them busy. That reminds me I need to hang another one in my coop. Good luck
  6. 2 days won't be an issue..Just do what needs to be done..
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    Feb 24, 2014
    Now that the tent has been removed after fumigation (Vikane) Chlorpricin i ask the tenters how long is it safe to release my chix & they said i can release them right away but i'm gonna wait for another hr ir 2 but thats not the issue the issue is my chix's are free rangers & they practically spends allday under the house scratching for bugs & insects if released they will head directly under the house & start scratching so my question & concern is is it ok to eat those dead insects that has been killed by the poison gas called :Vikane" Any info within the next 1 hr or 2 would be greatly appreciate b4 i release them..Thanks u so much & hope to hear from u soon!
    Lila Ann.

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