How long is too long?


7 Years
Apr 19, 2012
Bellingham, WA
One of my girls got attacked by my neighbors dog over the weekend :( I was out of town and my housemate put her in the compost bin inside a box... She died on Saturday and Im just now finding out about it! Shes a Barred Plymouth Rock and I was wondering if I can save her meat still? I usually error on the side of under-precaution, but i have no experience with recently deceased animals... Help.
sorry about your chicken . but dont eat it they go bad very quickly . i would say in only a few hours in warm weather.when they are not cleaned
i have alot of experince with game as i do alot of hunting for meat and i can tell you with in a hour it seems to me in most cases animals start ( to go bad) or i should say need processed so when dealing with meat in my opinion if there doubt dont risk it

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