How Long Max Can I keep Duckling In hathery?


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
I know it won't hatch today, not even seeing any external pipping, but hearing internal peeping! Should things start to progress in the next 24hrs, and he/she hatches while I'm gone, I'm due home tomorrow night around 6pm ETS, how long can it stay in the hatchery if it happens to hatch late tonight tomorrow morning? And how warm should I have the section of my brooder warmed to?
Ducklings can take up to 72 hours from pip to hatch (48 hours is about average). We leave our hatcher closed until about a day past due. Hatched ducklings can stay in there easily for 2-3 days after they hatch. As far as brooding temperature, we start ours at 95 degrees and drop it about 5 degrees each week until it is no longer needed.
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