How long r eggs safe to eat?

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  1. dlynne1123

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    Jun 6, 2011
    We don't have a rooster to fertilize and pick our eggs daily. How long in calendar days are they safe to eat? We want to give some away to friends and family but paranoid! I know store bought seem to last forever! (at least I never got sick!)

  2. satay

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    As long as you collect daily and refrigerate your eggs they should be good for a month. Some say longer even but a month would be no problem. You can always do the float test with them put it in a bowl of water if it sinks its ok if it floats chuck it.
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    I don't have exact timelines for you, but as a gifting strategy I also give my freshest eggs to friends. I don't do a lot of gifting, as I only have 4 birds. And, with only 4, I never have eggs last very long. I do know they last quite a long time.

    Edited to say that I just read on another post that you can keep refrigerated eggs for 3 months.
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    I keep mine on the counter for about two weeks or so (unwashed, as long as they aren't dirty). If I don't use them by that time, I either boil them and use them, or they go in the fridge for longer storage (another month or two). After that I've never had personal experience, because they are usually gone by then [​IMG] I know you can keep them longer in very cold storage (35-40*) for several months and still have edible eggs. If I wash my eggs though, I use them first because they go bad sooner.

    I also give my freshest eggs to my friends/family/customers. It just seems like the right way to do things -and it keeps 'em coming back for more!

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