How long should I wait?


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I set 20 eggs and have had only one to hatch ( my very first hatch). She hatched out Tuesday night. There are no signs of anything going on with the other eggs in the bator. Also, I have a broody that should have a hatch around the 16th, could I put the one chick with her and will she continue to sit on her eggs? I don't want the chick to be lonely.
Don't put this one chick with the broody. If she accepts it, she will abandon the nest and her eggs to take care of this one. Twelve days is way too long.

You can put a mirror in with the chick to help keep it from being lonely. A feather duster or small stuffed animal to cuddle with could help too. You can go to a feed store and get a couple of chicks to put in with it also.
I usually leave my eggs in the bator 2 to 3 days longer than the hatch date. I have had to many hatch 2 days later, perfectly healthy. Many variables can change the 21 day hatching.
I did put a mirror in with her yesterday, and it's so cute seeing her "talk" to her friend.
She also sleeps close to the mirror. I am going to give the other eggs a few more days

Put a stuffed animal or a fluffy scarf or hat or something like that in there for her/him.

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