How long should it take a chick to dry out?


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Apr 17, 2008
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My first chick hatched out this afternoon--had some difficulty getting out of the shell, but was completely out by 2:30pm. It was really wet and goopy looking. It's now about 6:30pm and it is still pretty wet. I've noticed also that it barely open it's eyes. Think this one is going to be okay or does it have a problem?

I'm really concerned because the second chick, which was fully hatched about 4:30, is nearly completely dry and starting to fluff out some. It's pretty blue eyes are wide open and alert.
I guess I should have said that I'm using a dry incubation method. I'm keeping the humidity between 60-65%; however, it did shoot up to about 70% for just a little while, so maybe that is causing this really wet one to take longer to dry out....?? I guess I should also clarify that I'm a first time hatcher, so I'm not really sure what to expect at all.

It was really active when trying to get out of the shell, so I'm hoping it has just worn itself out. It flopped all over trying to get a big piece of shell off of it.

Anybody else have input?? I'm curious about why it was so "goopy" looking--some yellowish sticky looking stuff on it--plus, the fact that it has hardly opened its eyes at all.

Here's a pic. taken at 3:45pm:

And another taken at 4:00pm:

I know that isn't much time past the hatch time, but it still looks pretty much like these photos, and it's now 7:10pm.
Kind of looks like he has some yolk on his back.Is it possible for the yolk sac to break instead of being drawn into the belly like it's supposed to?
I really have no idea--your guesses are as good as mine...???
He does look like he is starting to dry out just a little bit more, but is still really floppy with eyes pretty much closed. It does have some stringy stuff still attached to the belly. It has "pooped" twice now and is very vocal--which is usually a good sign, no?
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Every once in a while, I will have a chick like that. It will take "forever" for him to dry and then he will be yucky looking and kinda stiff. You could probably try to give him a warm bath and then stick him back in the incubator, but it's not necessary. It will grow out and he will be fluffy, although it will take about a week. I had one last week that hatched out kinda goopy, he is feathering out now and is fluffy, you can't even tell.
You will be amazed if you leave the chick alone in the bator tomorrow it should be rested and fluffed out abit. They don't need to be washed off as they will fluff out in a day or so. They are not pecky little creatures right off the bat and sleep alot.
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Thanks. I think he's coming around--just really slowly. He's looking more dry but now kinda' crusty! Yuck!

I agree, I'm not going to mess with him (or it could be "her"). I'd rather it look "crusty" than risk making it sick or something trying to wash it. Who knows, it could be one of the prettiest most healthy of the hatch if I just give it time.

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