How long should you wait if changing meds?

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    I have a rooster that I found straining to go. I cleaned his bottom, which was sealed with dried feces. It took a few days of cleaning him and administering mineral oil at both ends for him to relieve himself. I noticed he was thin, but otherwise alert and bright eyed.

    After about five days of cleaning him and offering him goodies I noticed he stopped eating. I decided to treat for Coccidiosis when I saw blood in his urates. Admittedly, it could have come from his cloaca that I was treating by removing the scabs daily and applying a sulfa ointment to. I checked up his vent with an otoscope and didn't see anything blocking his cloaca, for as far up as i could see.

    I'm now feeding him 3x a day with Exact baby parrot formula. I'm giving him lots of water. He will pick at some food, especially dried meal worms. He's still not eating enough on his own. His
    stools look okay, but he's still straining to go.

    I would like to start him on Baytril as a last resort, but am wondering how long to wait since he's just had 7 days of Corid?

    Any insight would be much appreciated.
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    Corid is a thiamine blocker and very safe, there would be no contraindications if you started the baytril now if you wish.
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