How long til they aren't singing egg song allllll day?


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Oct 30, 2011
west central florida
My girls are just beginning to lay.
I have 5 hens and 4 eggs - 2 from the cute little bantam (Lucile) so that means that 2 other girls have laid an egg. The first one just showed up in the nesting box - no egg song, no fanfare, nothing. I went to close up the coop and there was an egg right in the center of the nesting box. Next day Lucile sang alll day long, finally laying her little egg aroud 3:30 and today was an instant replay. Also today one of my BAs (Mattie) began to sing LOUDLY early and didn't lay until 4:00, then came out and SAAAAANNNNG. The people two streets over probably know I got an egg
I have reason to believe that the first egg was from one of my LBs (Dolly); she just takes everything in stride, never gets stressed but always gets what she wants - very calm and sure. My question is how long does it take them to just take the laying thing for granted and quit being drama queens. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying their behaviors, lmfao actually, but I have a next door neighbor who is the perfect south end of a north bound mule
and he has already said something about my girls. We are totally legal but I still have to live next door to him
Grew up on a farm but there were about 30 chickens and other animals so don't remember much about egg songs. Shame I can't just put HIM in the soup pot, hmmm he is rather small......
In my limited experience, they never stop singing the egg song. Ok, mine don't do it all day long but my eldest chook will still tell everyone she has laid an egg for a few minutes after the event.

As for your neighbour, sweeten him with some free fresh eggs every now and again

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