How long till eggs get larger?


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I have 2 black australorps that have been laying for about 5 weeks now and they both lay very small eggs and occasionally eggs without shells at all. They are being fed the same layer crumbles that my barred rocks eat but the barred rocks eggs are much larger. The funny part is the australorps are now bigger chickens then the barred rocks. I read on here that they will lay smaller eggs at first but couldnt find anyone say how long till the eggs reach full size.


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My BSL has layed her 4th egg today ever (4 days in a row) first 3 eggs were a medium egg. Today her egg next to a store bought large egg was the same size as it. I have never had BA's, but I would think they should have reached full size by now... how old are they?
Not sure about BA. My RSL started laying at about 4 months. Now are 9 months. One is laying a small egg still, 2 are medium and 1 is extra large. They all got a little smaller in the heat. Even my older hens are laying smaller eggs right now.
They were born on feb 23 2011

They have been excellent layers I would say they each lay about 6 a week. They had a 2 week run going where they both layed everyday.

I just thought they were supposed to lay large eggs like the br but they are smaller and brown speckled where the br are larger and solid brown.

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