How long to get "purebred" chicks?


11 Years
Apr 26, 2009
This spring I'd like to hatch some chicks, but all of my chickens are together. If I want to make sure my barred rock hen gets fertilized by ONLY the BR roo, how long do I need to keep them isolated from the others until she's only going to lay eggs w/ BR sperm?

Does that make sense?
Wow, thanks for the quick responses. That long? I'd have to put them in a large dog crate. I dont' think they'll be happy cooped up for that long.
Maybe I should just order chicks.
I currently have all my birds together - with our 2 silkie roo's. Funny them trying their thing on the big girls, they usually just walk away.
In the spring we will separate about a month prior to beeding. Have fun!
if they will have to go into a dog crate while you wait for the 3 weeks, what did you plan to do to keep them separated after that???
Geesh, good point. I have several different breeds I'd like to breed (BR, Americanas, frizzle cochin X, OEG). I could build a run attached to the coop and separate all the hens I want to breed. Then I could just use the dog crate as a mating pen. Put each pair in there for a day or two. As long as the roo breeds the hen once, she should be good for two weeks, right? Then I could put all the girls back into the run and just let them lay. That way each pair would only be in the crate for a day or two.

Do you think that would work?

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