How long to isolate after illness?


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Sep 22, 2011
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We have a young Belgian d'Uccle hen (about 5 months old -- just started laying). On Saturday morning, she seemed unable to stand or walk. She was fluffed up as if cold (it was in the 30s, not nearly as cold as it has been), so I scooped her up and took her inside, isolated her in the tub with a little feed, some yogurt, water (with cider and electrolytes/vitamins) and a hot water bottle to cozy up to. If you tried to pick her up, it was as if her legs just didn't work. She tried to balance herself a bit with her wings. Her eyes were a bit droopy. Her crop felt full, though later it was cleared. Her comb looked pretty normal. She ate most of the yogurt we gave her, and seemed to be drinking and eating without difficulty. Her poop was just a little watery. She had laid an egg that morning, so I didn't think she could be egg bound.

All day Saturday, I was so worried. But about 24 hours later, she started to show signs of improvement... standing, but walking a bit unsteadily. By Sunday evening she was standing and walking normally and roosting on the edge of the tub. This morning (Monday) she seems back to normal.

I don't know what was wrong with her, and am not sure if I should put her back with the flock (7 hens total) or quarantine her awhile longer. Will she likely be picked on for being away from the coop for so long?

ETA: There was no swelling or any other obvious signs of injury to her legs. She normally carries her tail pretty vertical when she's standing, but it's been more level since she's been sick... No signs of illness among the other hens, everyone looks good this morning.
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