how long to keep a chick away from the flock after recovery?


May 18, 2015
I had a chick few weeks old, just starting to get wing feathers I noticed she couldn't walk. Her feet/toes had curled under. I removed her from the flock. Couldn't really find anything that might have caused it, disease? They were kept outside on the grass so it shouldn't have been an injury, especially in both feet. Other than not being able to walk well she seemed fine. She would hobble on the ball of the curled up feet to get to food or water. After a few days of being inside one of her feet was back right; the next day the other came back. So she seems to be all ok now. There are 18 other chicks and I've been watching and the others have all seemed fine so far. My question is if it was some kind of disease how long should I keep her away from the other chicks?

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