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Hi everyone!
We are expecting some GG Quail eggs in the next couple days. My husband and I have never hatched our own babies before, but we do have 6 other pretties. Expecting this to be the highlight of our kids' summer!! So my question is this.. I have gotten my bator going (DH built one that is working fabulous).. Set to the temp and humidity that I was instructed to use..BUT I have not gotten an answer to one very important question I have (maybe they are busy and have not had time to reply to my email.. hmm).. I know I am supposed to raise humidity to 70% at lockdown.. But how long do I keep it at that level?? Until they have all hatched? Or just until they start pipping?? What if I have several that hatch and then the others don't hatch until the next day.. Will the ones that do hatch earlier be hurt by the humidity?? Just do not want to hurt the little angels that make it out of their shells before their siblings do..
Thankx in advance for any help.. Cannot wait for the eggs to arrive so we can get them ready to go.. Hopeful they are here tomorrow..
I kept mine above 55 till all hatched and I have 13 babies running around

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Keep the humidity at 65% to 70% throughout the entire stage, from the stopping of the egg turning, til the last chick is fully out of the egg. After that, you don't need to worry about humidity levels. But try not to open the incubator much after lock down. The humidity is needed to keep the chicks from sticking to the inside of their shells and helps soften the inside membrane so the chicks can zip out easier.

Remember!!!! At lock down.....if you have any plugs in your vents of your bator that have been closed, MAKE SURE to take them out!! Make sure all fans are running and outside air is free to move into the bator! VERY IMPORTANT! The chicks need a ton of oxygen at this critical stage to get out of the eggs.
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Thank you so much for your help!!! My egg babies arrived today and I am sooo excited!! I know i have to let them sit for at least 24 hours.. but dang that is just going to kill me .. lol.. And the wait to see their little beaks breaking out of their shell.. well lets just hope the next few weeks past quickly and with good incubator vibes so they hatch happy and healthy.. My kids are over the moon that they get to see this first thing this summer..
Any other helpful advise I will gladly accept (as I am a first time egg mommy) .. and thank you again for the helpful info on the humidity once they start hatching.. I was truly worried about harming the already hatched babies and/or hindering the ones still in their shell..
Once they start hatching you will notice a spike in your humidity. Once they are dry, usually takes a few hrs. Move chicks to the warm brooder you have pre-set up to around 95 to 100 degs. Line the floor of your brooder with Paper towels or a old dish towel. Sprinkle feed around randomly. They tend to peck at what ever is around. They will discover what food is quicker this way. Main food dish goes under the light, Water fount on the far end and a few marbles in the water fount to prevent drowning. Good luck, Bill
Bill (Fat Daddy) is good at this brooding stuff. So follow his advise.
I have also found that quail need to drink quite quickly after hatching, more so than chicken chicks. I have found that quail babies do much better if you dip their beaks in the water when you first put them in the brooder. And even another time during the first day so they start drinking right away. Some quail are just not that smart and don't know where the water is. LOL And drinking gives them that boost they need to get started on life. It will also get them eating faster.

Good luck with your babies!
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