How long to keep porous egg?


9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
Uxbridge, MA
I'm on day 15 (at midnight will start 16) and out of 7 eggs, 1 of them is porous. I do see movement in the other 6. But the porous one i'm not sure. When i look i see a "shadow", no movement, and not really seeing veins. I numbered the egg in red and i don't think i'm seeing veins. Sometime if i turn it a certain way I think I can see a very faint vein. It looks nothing like my others. How long should I keep this egg? I was thinking about tossing it but am not sure just yet.
You may be seeing a blood ring. That forms when the egg had died. It should have blood vessels at that point. Best is to toss it before bacteria takes over and makes the egg explode.
Thank you... I opened it up before i tossed it. It was just an egg so I don't think it even started. Although no yolk, just a very light color liquid but no veins or anything else that I could see...... Oh well, I am glad I finally got rid of it and made a little more room for the other eggs...... I feel better now, I was praying it didn't explode....
Thank you chickenbottom

oh your welcome if it was me asking that question i would want to know to lol. and happy hatching mine are on day 8 as of today
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