how long to regrow feathers & how long to keep apart??

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    chicken carnage yesterday morning with a few remaining birds alive and doing ok - a couple were practically balded; one has some pretty bad wounds....all are being diligently cared for.

    the question is once the wounds heal can birds go back together or do I need to wait for re-feathering? How long will it be til re-feathering?? The molt? These birds are about 10 months old.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Our roo got attacked by a coyote (we think) on the 27th of September. His feathers are growing back in – the feathers themselves are just beginning to poke out of the little quills. His wound closed about a week ago (or earlier), though there is still a little scab from where the girls ripped his first scab off.

    I still have to keep him apart from the girls for the most part – first because of the wound, and now because they pick at his new feathers so the quills bleed.

    Hope your birds get well soon! I know how you feel!

    ETA: He is five and a half months old.
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    If the feather is completely gone, shaft and all, it will grow back immediately. If the feather is just broken off, but the shaft of it is intact, it won't be replaced until they molt.
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    Apr 14, 2009
    How're your chooks doing? [​IMG]

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