How long to resume egg laying?!


9 Years
Aug 6, 2012
Our ducks moulted in July and we've yet to find any eggs. We've looked and looked and kept 'em in the run (vs. free range) and, well... no eggs! So, we're going on three plus months and we miss our duck eggs :) 3 female Welsh Harlequins and 1 drake-- seem very healthy, fully refeathered. We observe them hanging out together throughout the day, they aren't hiding away on a nest...
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What season is it where you are? Here, it is early autumn.
Same, North America, early fall. They began laying around this time last year and all through the winter until they moulted in July (high summer). The seasons here are rather mild, as in we only get an inch or two of snow at the most, lows of 17F... Summers are short and hot. Fall and Spring are the best time of year...? Could it be they moulted and will just wait until Spring to lay again?! (oh no, hungry for eggs, that's a long time to wait!)
I found with my runners they do not have predictable laying or rest patterns.

If I recall correctly, it's been

16 months on
1 month off
14 months on
3 months off
9 months on
5 months off
6 months and counting, on but tapering down - four layers right now, three just finished being broody, one still broody, three just finished molting, two molting.

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