How long to withhold eggs after poultry dust?

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    I am sure this has already been discussed many times over, but every time I try to use the "search" button, all I get is an error code.

    Two of my girls just started laying this week. Simultaneously, I discovered two "mites" crawling on me while I was cleaning out the coop. They looked like what we call "chiggers" around here, only they were a very dark red instead of bright reddish orange. I am assuming these are some sort of mites, although the girls' feet all look great, so I don't think it is the scaly-leg critters.

    Anyway, we dusted on Thurday. I dusted each girl as best I could with our rooster going absolutely insane because the girls were fussing. I sort of didn't do a very good job on the roo, not because he is particularly mean, but he was really freaking out over the girls, and frankly, he was just too blasted fast for me to catch him and dust him thoroughly. I did manage to throw dust on everybody's vents (except the roo - haha).

    I changed out the bedding, which is difficult because the coop is on dirt. I dusted under the bedding, on the roost, and on the places where they stand around. There is only one "wall" of cinderblocks and the other three sides are open air. I am not sure what else I need to dust...

    I understand that we need to dust every seven days for at least 21 days (is that right?) So, how long do we have to wait before we can be eating any of these tasty eggs that we have been waiting for since spring?[​IMG]
  2. You don`t have to stop eating the eggs and you probably don`t have to dust again, once you get it right. By that I mean, go get them off the roost at night and dust ALL of them real good. Chasing them around is tough on all concerned. In about 3 weeks, take a couple off the roost and shine a flashlight on and around the vent. If you see mites, dust again. Sevin dust won`t hurt the birds or the eggs........Pop
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    I understand that we need to dust every seven days for at least 21 days (is that right?)

    Yes, you are correct. That will get the newly hatched ones!
    You do not need to hold the eggs .... enjoy!​
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    Yes, you do have to redust in 7 days and again in 7 days as the dust doesn't kill the eggs that are in the coop. If you have wooden roosts, you might consider spraying the wood in the coop with the permethrin goat-lice spray to kill the mites where they usually live - in the coop. Unfortunately nothing kills the eggs - you have to just redust to kill what hatches each 7 days or so.

    As the others stated, the eggs are good to go!
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    I was jsut wondering....are we talking ablut seven dust here??? B/c the same thing happensd to me and also I noticed one of my hens legs are starting to look SUPER scaly. I got some seven dust to sprinkle everywhere b/c the guy at TSC said it was ok to put it on/near the chickens. Then when we got home my neighbor started started ranting that I was going to end up killing all my birds if I put that on them. Is that true???? She doesn't even have any the heck would she know anyway?[​IMG]
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    I am using permethrin dust because Sevin kills honey bees. Don't think hubby would like it if I killed off his bees.
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    I think the spray I have is the's down in the shed and I'm not so I'll double check later. Is that okay to keep eating the eggs as well? I found that several of my birds have mites and I'm going to deep clean the coop and spray everything and every bird down today. Then I'll spray again every 7 days until I see no more! I hate using the meds on my girls but I'd rather have no mites.

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