How long under heat lamp?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Betty-Eve, Aug 4, 2011.

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    Jun 25, 2011
    Hatched one Norfolk black turkey out of 6 possible eggs, not sure why only one hatched - anyhow couldn't have him/her on own so bought day old guinea fowl and both are in large dog crate under heat lamp - very happy pair - very lively and friendly - surprised as to how noisey they are too!!!! - how long do I keep under heat? Have hatched ducks/geese/chickens before but all under there mums - not used incubator before, so not had to raise before - all a bit new - plan on keeping away from other chickens/ducks/geese till 10 weeks - all being wormed regular and fed cayenne peppar - the crate is in the utility room of the house so not cold but not sure when to take the heat of them - they are 2 weeks old - by the way this site is just the best, so useful thanks.
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    Turkey poults are usually started under a warm heat lamp about 95 -100 degrees for week one; week two is 5 degrees less;week 3 drop 5 more degrees, and so on until reach day time temps for your area. 95-90-85-80-75-70 etc.

    THey may still need a heat lamp on a cool/cold night and if a day is cold compared to what they are used to. Keep their environmental temperature stable, especially for the little ones as they don't have a big body mass and can get chilled quickly or get over heated quickly. For more info, search brooding chicks, just start 5 degrees warmer.

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    Depends where you are! Right now here they would die from over heating. Its getting 105-112 f during the day and around 90 for lows.

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