How long until the feathers grow back?

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    My 10 three week old pullets have next to no feathers on their backs by their rumps, due to some particularly unpleasant pecking. I put up only red lamps and moved them to a new brooder that's 5 feet by 3 feet and 3 feet tall, with lots of room to flap and roost. So, I don't think any more pecking is going on, but I'm concerned that those feathers are just not going to grow back and the poor things will be naked, cold and ugly from here on out.

    If they do grow back, how long does it usually take? The breeds are:

    Light Brahma
    Silver-Laced Wyandotte
    Black Australorp

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    At three weeks old they are probably out growing their chick fluff and growing in teen feathers. They will be pretty "ugly" till about 2 months old when they have all their teen feathers... from which they will drop them in place of adult feathers. Just make sure they have enough space and aren't picking, and they will come in soon enough. Some are just slower than others by nature of the lines they are from.
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    Not to worry they will grow back. I had one with serious poopy butt. I clipped all her feathers off her butt after washing it. Her feathers grew back beautifully. You wouldn't even know to look at her now.
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