How long will new hens lay small eggs?


Jul 1, 2020
Deep East Texas Sabine County
I'm on day 4 in a row of getting a egg from one of my 19 week old white leghorns. Got me to long before the eggs should change size to maybe a grade LARGE?? Also I keep one fake egg in each nest but every day they kick the fake egg out ALONG WITH all the hay I keep putting in the nest. Then she lays her egg basically on a hard board? Could they be trying to GET the fake egg out before they lay their own?


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Dec 29, 2015
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Feb 2, 2009
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What do your nests look like? Part of egg laying is scratching and arranging the bedding just the way they want it. Sounds like your lip on the nest may be too low and need to be raised. A photo of the nest could be interesting.

I have no idea when those eggs will become Grade A large. They will gradually get bigger the longer they lay. Within a month of starting they should be quite a bit bigger. If you set one aside now and compare it to eggs you get in a few weeks you'll see how much they grow. That might make you feel better.

That size increase slows down as they get older. The eggs will be even bigger after they go through an adult molt next year.


Jul 1, 2020
Deep East Texas Sabine County
IRidgerunner, you are probably on to something. I went out and measured the front lip of the nests and it is actually only about 1 1/2 inch high. It looked like it would work good when I built them but didn't take in account how much height the hay in the nest made! I am using 3 plastic milk crates for my nests with a small board in the bottom to make it smooth. How tall of a front lip do you recommend I put on the nests? All 3 of my nests are ajoined so all I would need to do is add one board the length of all 3 nests. I am NOT good with posting pictures from my phone so I tried to describe the best I can. And I got my 4th egg now 4 straight days in a row!!
Jun 18, 2020
Central NY
I have several girls that started laying this season. There are a few that I'm still waiting to get mediums from lol. The egg below is one of my newer layers. They have gotten a little bigger. My older ones always kick.out the fakes. I finally gave up on them. I was finding them all around the yard



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Nov 27, 2012
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Eggs will get larger when they do, can take days, weeks, or months to get up to each individual birds 'regular' size.

New layers can really make a mess of the nests when they first start laying,
that should stop once the settle into the process.
This year I have a single pullet, she just started laying 4 days ago and never made the 'nest mess' that I'm used to seeing.

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