How long would you wait to leave neg. feedback?


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Feb 18, 2009
Canyon Lake, TX
I purchased some eggs, not very expensive, but it was from a new seller. I was concerned that they were new, but figured I'd give them a shot. After the auction ended, I found out they didn't even have all the eggs yet. This was not noted in the auction. After a week, they finally got enough to fulfill the sale. I wait almost a week and no eggs. By this time, the original eggs are past 10 days old. I contact the seller and find out the package was sent somewhere else. UPS fault/Seller fault, who knows, I never received a tracking/confirmation #. Seller says she doesn't normally refund but will send more eggs for free if I wanted them still, which I did. It's been a week, a pm and nothing. At what point should I just leave negative feedback and complain to Paypal for a refund?


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Nov 14, 2009
Boyers, Pa
If my math is's been 3 weeks and no eggs yet? I'd get the refund. I don't know what the time limits are, but at some point you can no longer get a refund. I think it's a month, but check with paypal cause I'm not positive!

What kind of eggs were they? I have some extras


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Aug 12, 2009
I would give a negative feedback after I got a refund.At this point I would not want to get more eggs.I would be upset that the person auctioned what they did not even HAVE YET and then they send it to the wrong place.I don't know,but if I were the seller I would be doing whatever I could to make you happy after I messed up 2 times.I wouldn't dare say," I don't normally give a refund." If anyone deserved a refund it is you,and the negative feedback is deserving.

I would already be calling paypal.


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Aug 13, 2010
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Sorry yeah normally if they dont send you a tracking number that should be a Red Flag... I think that if you pay for eggs that you should get a tracking number.. Alot of people out there are selling eggs, collecting the money but don't send the eggs, which is a real shame and its a crime.

And it give those that are honest a bad name. I had a bad experience like I told you on Ebay and now because of that I have a very hard time trusting Ebay and the people that sell eggs on there. So from now on I plan on buying any hatching eggs from Hatcheries... Even then its not 100% fool proof but if something does happen they will refund your money. If you make a big stink about it because you are their business and they know you will let all your friends know hey dont buy from this Hatchery...

Im sorry that this has happened not cool.... Want me to send my killer ninja chickens out for revenge...




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