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  1. For how long do hens lay eggs? When do they stop?
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    They can lay there whole lives ( That up to ( tops) 17 years )
    But generally slow down after 2 years.
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    They lay eggs pretty much their entire lives, which can be up to 10 years or longer with a little luck and good care.

    Their egg production begins around 5-6 months of age, and PEAKS around 2-3 years of age. Then will decline (ie, fewer eggs per week per bird), but may never completely stop, even in extremely geriatric hens. I believe there is a thread on here about someone who had a 11 or 12 yr old hen lay the occasionaly egg.

    Factory farms cull their hens around 2 yrs of age, as this is when the food to egg conversion ratio declines - ie, the profit margins start to decline.

    But hens may continue to lay for many more years than that.
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