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    Jan 5, 2013
    How long do u have to get the egg in the incubator after it is laid
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    If you're not ready to incubate your eggs right away,
    store them in a cool dry location (in an egg carton)
    for up to three weeks (it's best to hatch eggs within 14 days).
    Rotate the eggs several times a day by tilting the egg carton.

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    Apr 11, 2012
    ^^^ Yes, only thing that I would add on, is that humidity is important whilst storing as well.
    Storing in 55-60 degrees F and 70% humidity is ideal. It's not recommended to store past one week. It's said that the hatch rates begin to decline quickly after 7 days of storage. That being said, I almost always store for 14 days and have good hatch rates. Three weeks is too long to store.

    If you store your eggs in an egg carton or even the turner, store them pointy end down as stated above. The reason being, is because the air sac is located at the fat end of the egg. If the egg is stored pointy end upwards, the air sac may try to migrate to the pointy end and will result in a chick who cannot hatch. And turn once a day.

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