How many banties?

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    Mar 23, 2008
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    I asked about this in my thread in the breeds and genetics forum, but thought it would be better here. I want to get some bantams for my mentally handicapped daughter to watch from her window. I have two angle-iron cages that I can use to make a coop and pen for them, but don't want to over-crowd them. One cage was originally meant to sit on a pallet -- it's almost a four-foot cube (not quite, as pallets aren't quite four feet). It has a shelf in it that's about two feet by four feet, so actually has almost four by six feet of floor space. Then the other angle-iron cage is forty inches wide by six feet long (and 29" high -- I just went out and measured it). What I'm thinking is to put the two cages together, turn the taller one into a coop and the lower one into the run. How many bantams could comfortably live in that arrangement?

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    Aug 19, 2009
    so one is approx 6X3 (18 sq ft)and one is approx 4X4 (16 sq ft), i would think you could comfortable house 3-4 bantams in there.

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