How many BYCers cannot drive a straight drive (manual) vehicle?

Can you drive a straight drive?

  • Yes, It's the only thing I drive.

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  • Yes, but I prefer not to.

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  • Kind of; I know how to crack it up.

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  • No, never learned how to.

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  • No, and I refuse to.

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  • Other - Please specify.

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Feb 27, 2008
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My husband and daddy are always picking on me because I cannot drive a straight drive. They give me long speeches which include things like - "If you can learn how to drive a stick, you can drive anything!"

I'm curious... how many BYCers cannot drive a straight drive?
I voted yes, but prefer not to. My dad is a VW mechanic on the side (well all the time since he retired) and grew up with nothing but stick shift. I much prefer automatic now that I'm all grown up BUT sticks do have an advantage in the snow so sometimes in the winter I wish I had one again.
We only have one automatic vehicle on the van. All our pick-ups and grain trucks are standard...I'd be in a pickle if I couldn't drive them. A standard is what I learned to drive on many,many years ago.
This is SO NOT fair to ask ME!!! I learned on an automatic, then met my DH, who had a truck with manual drive. He told me that he'd teach me how to drive it, but it didn't matter, because I'd STILL burn out his clutch. Sure enough, I did. I was also driving it when it threw a rod.
Next truck and 3 subsequent trucks have ALL been automatic. (We kept the 1993 Dodge Cummins 3/4 ton front wheel drive when we bought the 2007 Dodge Cummins Full ton doolie 4 wheel drive.)
I have seen people on a slope at a stop light try (unsuccessfully) to keep from drifting backwards into the car in back of them. You know, bread got better after we learned to slice it. Every once in awhile mankind comes up with a better solution, and automatic transmission is better, so WHY USE ANYTHING ELSE?!?!?
if has wheels, treads, propellers, i can usually manage to take it where i need to go
Ditto. I like a stick shift, but the Honda Ridgeline doesn't come with one!

I had an ancient Chevy truck, 3 on the tree- LOVED that truck!
I can drive a straight drive and I also know how to double clutch

I used to drive semi trucks coast to coast.

I voted other, because although I don't own a straight drive vehicle right now, I am not opposed to driving/owning them.

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I voted Yes, but prefer not too, however, I don't mind driving a stick, I just don't have one, so the first one didn't seem to apply. I have had a few in the past, but unless you are driving a truck, they are harder to find now. So I usually end up with an automatic.

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