How many can do this for Veteran's Day?


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12 Years
Nov 6, 2009
I posted this on my FB, but thought I'd share it here.

I have an idea for everyone for Veteran's Day. Visit a Vet Hospital or Center and say hello. You'd be surprised how much you're acknowledgement means. Say thank you or make a friend. So many of them are there alone and far from family. BBQing? Invite a Vet! There are a lot of older Vets in hospitals that have no families, so they really appreciate when people show up with their families and give them 10 seconds of their time. Kayla has cheered up a lot of Vets in her short little almost 7 years and I've seen how just her waving or smiling can brighten someone's day, so get out there and thank a Vet and don't forget to take the kids.

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