how many can i have


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9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
i have a pen that is 72 sq feet 12x6xx6 with a roof thinking that i will put the coop on the out side so total would be 16x6x6 please let me know how many i coud have thanks for your help

Clay Valley Farmer

9 Years
Sep 7, 2010
May depend some on what sort of turkeys and to what age. But many books say 5 sqr feet pir bird.

That is sheltered space for roosting so if your coup is 24 sqr feet likely about 5 would be max. if you looked at the whole pen as their space then you might be able to go a few more. If you are just growing out BB meat turkeys for 12 weeks or so you might get away with a few more than if you were keeping them longer term.

I have 16 turkeys in a 16x8 tractor with half a dozen chickens, it is fairly full and have seen a little feather picking.

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