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    I am going to add abit more space in my barn to accomdate my ever increasing flock of chickens so the total coop size will be 25ft.x12 ft, the outside run is 60ft.x60ft. and my smaller coop is 10ftx12ft,with a 50ftx50ft run.I call it the satellite and the big one is the main campus.How many chickens can I have total?I am constantly changing out my flock selling on craig's list etc.
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    I've been told for standard size breeds, 4 sq ft per bird in coop (if they can get out during day, more if always in coop) and 10sq ft per bird in run.
    So your 25' x 12' = 300 sqft / 4= 75 birds. 60' x 60' = 3600 sqft / 10 = 360 birds...but don't stock more than your coop can handle. Also, this is just rough estimate, depending again on size of bird, amount of roost space, ventilation....all variables.

    Hope this helps [​IMG]
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    Mar 18, 2008
    st.john's mi
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    IMO the best rule of thumb is to have AS FEW AS POSSIBLE in the space available. Like, as few as you can bring yourself to live with. Really [​IMG]

    Good luck, have fun,


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