how many chicks & breeds for a newbie


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Apr 12, 2014
I need help on everything. I have about 6 months before I can start building so here are the ??? I want about 12 chickens so how big does my roost need tobe? I want med to lg eggs so what breeds do you recommend? Egg color doesn't matter. Should I have a rooster or not. I live out in the sticks, fyi. What about outside access to the nesting boxes so I don't have to walk in the roost to look for eggs? I think that's enough to start with. Thank you.


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Dec 9, 2013
Hello, When I first started with my flock I had a 10x10 coop built and there's plenty of room in there for 12 or more chickens I think we were told it could hold around 25 chickens if I wanted that many. As far as a rooster, they are not needed unless you want to hatch the eggs your hens lay but our rooster has always help to protect our hens from predators too such as dogs, fox, and even a wild turkey (the turkey won the second time around and we lost our rooster but are getting a new one! ) The only breeds I have as far as knowing egg size are Rhode Island Reds ( great layers and lay med-large brown eggs) Silver laced wyandotte mine lay large brown eggs but not an egg each day like the rhode Island hens. We also have ameraucana hens they lay a med size blue egg one of ours lays about each day and the other two lay about every two to three days. Hope this helps! Chickens can be very addicting!

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Sep 13, 2011
southern Michigan
Build as big as possible; chicken math happens! Breed choice depends on your climate, free range situation, and just what appeals to you. Research chicken breeds, look at pictures,and talk to people. Then order several different breeds; that's part of the fun! Over time you will develop preferences and see who does best on your property. Mary

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