how many chicks should I get?


10 Years
Mar 14, 2009
central MN
ok our city is finally allowing chickens as of this coming tuesday!!! I am so excited to finally be able to have chickens. So my question is I found a breeder about 1 1/2 hours from me that has the breeds I want but only does straight run. Our ordinance only allows 4 hens. So I am looking at getting 4 different hens. I want bantams in silkies and polish.
My goal is one white silkie, one golden laced polish, one buff laced polish, and one white crested polish. I can do 2 silkies too...We will see what he has hatching but since I can only have 4 hens how many straight run chicks should I buy. I was thinking about 10-12 ....3 of each breed in hopes of having at least 4 hens with a nice variety?? I have a home for the males and if I get lucky with 5 hens I just might have to keep her too. I guess since I am making the trip I just want to buy enough and get the 4 hens in one trip so do you think 12 straight runs are enough?? Or should I throw in a couple more?? I would just be crushed if they all were males which I know could happen there is no guarantees. He charges $6 per chick which is a little higher than some online places but many places are out of what I want and I want my everlasting gobbstopper now!!!


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