How many dried mealworms should I buy?

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  1. Hi! I have three chickens and a rooster and seven ducks and a drake! On the website I'm buying my mealworms from I have a choice of

    2500 Dried mealworms

    12500 Dried mealworms

    25000 Dried mealworms

    250000 Dried mealworms

    Which one should I get?
  2. growsaposy

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    Jun 15, 2014
    It depends how often you want to give them treats!
    I have 6 hens, they are all crazy over these things.
    I will give a small handful a day, or more if I am using them for training(like follow me, get in cage, stuff like that)
    They have quite a bit of protein, and all chickens like bugs. Maybe sprinkle a cup or so
    among them a day. It's entirely up to you. They are kind of expensive!!
    Good luck in Bali, hope the Komodo Dragons won't eat your chickens, haha. Enjoy your new home.
    Barb (aka growsaposy)

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