How many eggs can I fit?


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9 Years
Dec 8, 2010
I have ordered 6 american buff and american gray hatching eggs, and was wondering how many eggs I could fit in my little giant incubator. I know I can fit them all and was just wondering, in all how many?
I'd like to know too. I was told they won't fit in my LG because they're too big.
I know that they will fit just not in the egg turner (which you dont need to keep in)
GQF (makers of the hovabator) make turner racks for their turners. You can't get these for the LG turner. If you have a hovabator turner, the LG is too short to hatch goose eggs in the goose egg auto-turner. That being said, the turner holds 12-16 eggs depending on how big, so I would say you could get at least 16 eggs in there without a turner.
I only have six eggs but in my little giant without a egg turner of any kind, I could fit around 24 eggs

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