How many eggs can you put under a broody?

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    I have 3 different chicken breeds - Andalusian(1 blue, 1 black, 1 splash), 2 Speckled Sussex, and 2 Light Brahmas. I have read that the Brahmas are very likely to go broody and that SS often go broody, too. When I do get a broody hen, I want to hatch out eggs under her. I know someone who has Swedish Flower Hens(including a roo, so the eggs are fertile) and says I can have eggs from them. But how many eggs can go under a broody, and can a really fat breed(like my Brahmas, 5 months old and 4.5 pounds and could still almost double in size) take care of more eggs than a smaller breed, such as the Andalusians?
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    I usually put 12 standard eggs under a standard hen like the sussex, 16 under bigger ones like cochins, you can put more, some hens sure try to sit on more, but that seems to be a good average number... it also depends on the size of the eggs. Your Andalusians may never go broody, if they do, they may very well not stick since they are not a broody breed.

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