how many eggs do you eat? vs. how many you sell/give away?


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Apr 13, 2010
I hope I posted this in the right spot, thought this might be fun,

some of us have hundreds of chickens, some have just 1 or 2, so I'm curious:

how many eggs do you get everyday? how many do you eat? how many do you sell or give out?

me: I have 11 hens in my backyard, I get about 8-10 a day. we probably sell 2-3 dozen a week to friends and neighbors, and we eat the rest. since we got chickens, we do eat a lot more eggs than before, it's not unusual for me to fry up a couple with a piece of toast(for any meal, not just breakfast!)

what about you?
Probably way to many. 4 scrambled for breakfast, 2 over easy with toast at 10pm and If I put up pickeled eggs, everytime I walk by and see them down one go's. I have 11 hens and have never sold a one. If they start backing up in the frig the wife bakes something. Nothing better than fresh free range eggs. The wife says they will probably kill me but I figure at 147 lbs better than booze or some of the nasty other habbits out there. rj
I've got nine girls and get about 56 eggs/week. The dog and I eat three a day five times a week. Doing the math I sell about 3.4 dz/week

I didn't really like eggs at all, and rarely ate them when we were buying store bought. Now, not only do I LOVE my chickens' eggs, I crave them! I can't imagine going back. It's those lovely, HUGE, yummy yolks!
I just started getting eggs Thursday, but I was in the 14 day withdrawal time after worming so I haven't eaten any. That "ban" ended Saturday, but I've yet to have one because I was worried about the wormer. I think you may have helped convince me to go for it. Do they really taste that different? I still only have one girl laying so I get one a day so far.

I am a huge egg eater since I do low carb and there's not a lot of options for breakfast. There are some days when I have eaten 5-6 eggs, but usually I will have 2 for breakfast and often 2 more as hard boiled in egg salad.

I have 4 RIR and I seriously doubt we will have enough left over to sell or give away btwn my husband and I. We can easily eat 4 a day btwn the two of us.

I have about 46-49 chickens...I need to go count again cause my sister just gave me 3 BCM! Any how I get 18-22 eggs a day. Lots of my girls are still pullets. We eat up to 15+ a day unless I make deviled eggs then its WAY more. I give my grandma about 1 dozen a week and I sell 1 dozen a week.
we have 6 chooks, and get, on average (so far, after 3 weeks of laying) 5 eggs a day.
Hubs eats 3 a day (4 if they're little) and I eat, about 4 a week.
I have only given 9 eggs away. 3 to my hairdresser and 6 to my parents. One day, I hope to sell some, but it is hard to imagine right now! How could I put a price on those little gems? (although, in my community, eggs like ours go for $4 a dozen, so, we'll see).

Cool thread!

Brightest Blessings
we eat almost all of the eggs.
we are a family of four egg-loving humans and 7 barred rock layers (they are getting old and slowing down - the new flock hasn't started laying yet!)
we easily eat 5 a day sometimes more, some less! plus baking almost a dozen a week. i do freeze quiches and some raw for the winter.
I'm getting on the average 15 eggs a day. Selling 4 dozen a week and giving away 2 or 3 dozen a week...DH and I eat about a dozen/week unless he makes breakfast burritos to take with him when he is out of town for work.

DH could not eat eggs before our girls started laying; store bought eggs always cause diarrhea for him. But now he has no problem and loves to have over-easy eggs when he is home.

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